– Frequently Asked Questions –



Is a microphone included?  Yes we include a wired microphone that is very easy to turn on and off.

Can we use the system for our wedding ceremony?  Yes as long as the ceremony and the reception are in the same room. But you can't move the system and then set it up on another room.

What happens if we have a problem?  All our systems are completely tested once set up. They are left 'on' so that all you have to do is plug in your music. 

How do I plug in my laptop / cell phone?  We supply you an 1/8 inch cable which feeds into most music players.  

Can we move the system or set it up outside? No. We have to be very strict about this. If the system is moved we can't promise that it will work correctly. You are also responsible for any damage done to the gear - if for example it rains (rain is NOT good for DJ gear LOL).

How do we control the volume?  There are very easy to understand controls on the back of the speakers.  You can also use the volume on your device.


Payments / Costs

What sort of a deposit is needed to hold our date?  We require a deposit of 50%.

When is the final payment due?  Its due 10 days before your event. Please note that the payment must be 100% paid in full before the event or we will not deliver the sound system.

Is  the payment refundable? What if my date changes?  All deposits are non-refundable. However if you change your date we can transfer it for you provided we have the availability.

I want your services for less than 6 hours. Can I get a lower price?  While we can accommodate your schedule, we don't offer a discount for less than 6 hours.

I want your services for more than 6 hours.  Great! We can include an extra 30 minutes for an additional $25.

Do you charge sales tax?  Yes we do.  It will be listed on your proposal.  The current rate for Franklin County is 7.5%, while Delaware County is 7%.

Do we have any other discounts.  Not at this time. If you look around you will find our prices to be the most reasonable in Central Ohio.

How do we make our payments?  All our payments are made online.


Misc Questions

Can I bring in my own DJ to use this system?  Absolutely! However your DJ must bring all the proper cables to patch into the system.

My wedding is in my parents backyard.  Why can't you deliver the system there? We need to have public access to the system at all times, so therefore we might be denied access to private property.

Can we use this for other events besides wedding receptions?  Absolutely.  We have set up for small corporate events and class reunions to name a few.